The paintings listed below have all been painted in 2018

  Starting with the newest work. Scroll down when at the bottom of the page to see more work.

Future Dancer
Nutcracker Ballet Series
Red Farmhouse
Starry Star with Chapel
Isles of Shoals Series
Floral for Friends
French Orchestral Horns
MFA Boston Art In Tune Series
The French Hurdy-Gurdies
MFA Boston, Art In Tune Series
American Electric String Quintet
MFA Boston, Art In Tune Series
English Grand Piano
MFA Boston, Art In Tune Series
French Pedal Harp
MFA Boston, Art In Tune Series
Irish Bag Pipes
MFA Boston, Art In Tune Series
Two Dancers Enter Stage
Copied from a photo of a Edgas Degas pastel in oil on canvas
Yellow Boat Side View
A Veteran Star
Angry Atlantic
Whittier Home
Starry Star
Auctioned for Star Island. Prints available
Market Square
Any Street USA
Congressional Patch
Begonia Beauty
Brown Eyed Suzie on Green Eyed Girl
The Polly Front View
Copied from the John Butler original
The Polly at Hamilton House
Glories of Morning
Between the Aspens
Isles of Shoals Series
Walking Whittier's Woods
Isles of Shoals Series
***Scroll down to see more work.***

© 2016 by Julie Quinn-Twomey

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