The paintings listed below have all been painted in 2020

  Starts with the newest work. Be sure to scroll "Show More" at the bottom for more work.

Love is in the Air
Crows kissing over blue heart
New England's Fall
Ghost Trail, Salisbury MA
Bradley Palmer Waterscape
Walking Bridge
Camp Kent, Amesbury MA
Up for a Drink
Mind if I Dunk
NBPT Waterfront
Scorching Cascade
Tug Boat
Starry Star 2020
Donated to Star Island's auction "Starry Night".
Opening Camp Kent
Rough Meadows
Barbed Wire Release
Small Single Sunflower
Colorful Combination
Whittier Hill Buck
Acrylic on Canvas
Woodsom's White Birch
Wrap around canvas with painted sides
Sun Ray Sunflower
Wrap around canvas with painted sides
Crows over Sunflowers
From the Barn
Queen's Delight
White Flower Fantasy
Bee In Thistle
Acrylic on slate
White Daisy Path
Golden Cascade
2020 Sunflower Festival Series
2020 Sunflower Festival Series
2020 Sunflower Festival
Donated to NH Make A Wish Program for Sunflower Festival raffle. Part of the 2020 Sunflower Festival Series.
Red Beauty
Orange Wave
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Mind if I Dunk