The paintings listed below have all been painted in 2016

365 paintings in the "Year oft he Cube were also started on July 29th 2016. Scroll down when at the bottom of the page to see more work.

Pink House
Knot Hole
Appleton Farm
White Heffers
Appleton Farm
Black Lab
Crashing Wave
Hampton NH Beach
13 Stars
Commissioned for A play at the West End Theater in Portsmouth, NH
Hiro Gima
Commissioned painted. Raffled by NH Veterans Association
The Opening
Sunflower Series
The Wake
Colby Hill
Sunflower Series
Finish Line
Painted Live at event. Commissioned by Town of Amesbury. The Fireball Rally ended in Amesbury and the town auctioned the painting at a gala after the race.
Midnight Steeple
Was selected as the art to represent the 2016 Amesbury OIpen Studio Tour on Posters and all promotion
Pink House II
Donated to auction for the preservation of the Pink House on Plum Island, MA
Sunflower Bouquet
Painted Live at the Blue Wave Gallery
17th Hole, Apple Hill
Portsmouth, NH Lighthouse
Portsmouth Harbor
Right Path
Painted Live at the "Art in the Garden" event at Fuller Gardens in Rye, NH
Fuller Gates
Fuller Garden, Rye, NH
Left Path
Fuller Gardens, Rye, NH
Red Seagull
Purchased by Phat Cats Bistro, Amesbury, MA
Bouley Garden
Lawrence, MA
Salisbury, MA
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© 2016 by Julie Quinn-Twomey

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Red Seagull

Purchased by Phat Cats Bistro, Amesbury, MA